Day: May 21, 2020

The California DMV requires you to take a class to become a licensed California Car Dealer The California DMV requires you to pass an examination to submit your application The California DMV requires a completed application to grant a temporary license Once the California DMV grants you the temporary license you are allowed to: Obtain […]
Retail Used Car Dealer License requires a $ 50K bond. Auto Broker Endorsement requires a $ 50K bond. Wholesale Dealer ( 25+ ) requires a $ 50K bond. DMV Registration Agent requires a $ 25K bond. Wholesale Dealer ( <25 ) requires a $ 10K bond. Motorcycle Retail Dealer requires a $ 10K bond. DMV […]
3 Steps to Auction Access There are basically three major steps you must complete to getting your license. Step OneComplete the TriStar Motors 6 hour new dealer course, including ourpractice test sign up now online. Obtain your class certificate upon completion of the course. Make an appointment with the local DMV Inspector and pass the DMV Examination. […]
Learn from the Best Beginning our 24th Year Quality DMV Certified Instruction Farhan Mohammadi 559-800-0813 #realcardealerschool