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What’s a VIN?A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the 17-character identifier for your car, truck, or motorcycle. It looks like this: 1VXBR12EXCP901213, and encodes the vehicle’s manufacturer, features, and serial number. No two vehicles have the same VIN, so it serves as your car’s fingerprint– this allows for all reports of accidents, title problems, insurance incidents, […]
Avoid a 6 hour sales pitch Avoid an attorney pretending to know the business Avoid the retired DMV inspectors who have no experience REAL Car Dealer School began in 1998 REAL Dealers REAL Answers Get Licensed with the Professionals 800-901-5950
Do You Have A Passion for Cars? Do You Understand The Process of Repair? Your Knowledge Can Generate Significant Cash Become a Licensed Wholesale Used Car Dealer Work From Home Pay No Sales Taxes Avoid Registration Fees Operate on Dealer License Plates Fleet Insurance For Your Entire Inventory Get Licensed 24/7 Call Center 800-901-5950 REAL […]
When a dealer uses their dealer plate to operate an inventory vehicle for personal use a small amount of use tax is required per the CDTFA Take the cost of the vehicle including reconditioning costs use the CDTFA divisor of 40 to obtain the taxable monthly base Report this amount for each month of use […]
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Dealer Click Management Software 714-619-2222 Premier Vendor for Califormia DMV Certified DMS Software From their Website: Our powerful single point of entry system let’s you spend more time making deals and less time banging your head against your keyboard! Whether you’re managing your inventory or building deals, pulling credit or sending applications out to your […]
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