DMV Takedown on Riverside Stolen Vehicle Ring

DMV and CDI Investigators Assist with Operation VIN City in Riverside County

34 vehicles worth approximately 1.5 million dollars recovered

RIVERSIDE – In 2019, the Riverside Auto-Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID) began an investigation into a criminal organization involved in Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) switching on a high number of stolen vehicles, many of which were sold to innocent purchasers throughout Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Over the course of several months, RAID identified several homes in Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties where the suspects involved would fraudulently create DMV documents, temporary dealer license plates, VINs and other materials necessary to fraudulently register these vehicles with the DMV.

All the vehicles identified throughout this investigation were newer models, and included several luxury manufacturers such as Land Rover, BMW, Bentley, and Mercedes. Many of these vehicles were provided to other criminal associates involved with the distribution and sales of narcotics and many were sold to innocent purchasers.

During the preliminary stages of the investigation, RAID recovered 12 VIN-switched stolen vehicles, some of which were purchased by unsuspecting buyers via social media applications and independent auto dealerships through bank financing.

On May 21, 2020, Operation VIN City culminated with a multi-agency search warrant service at several locations throughout Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties. The operation resulted in the recovery of an additional 22-VIN switched stolen vehicles, the arrest of 15 suspects, the seizure of 15 firearms and illegal drugs. The total value of the 34 vehicles recovered by RAID was approximately 1.5 million dollars.

“Great job by a large group of investigative agencies, including the California Department of Motor Vehicles Investigation Division and California Department of Department of Insurance,” said California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) President Alan Barcelona.  “It often takes a group effort on local, state and federal levels to uncover these types of crimes and arrest those involved.”

Among those arrested were:

  • Alex Coria Rosales (31),
  • Rolando Velasquez (29),
  • Jose Paleo (26) and
  • Francisco Sanchez (26)

These individuals and their criminal organization are suspected of VIN switching more than 100 stolen vehicles causing a significant financial impact to the victims.

Operation VIN City was a success as a result of collaboration and support from the following agencies;

  • Los Angeles Taskforce for Regional Auto-Theft Prevention (TRAP),
  • LAPD, San Bernardino County Auto-Theft Task Force (SANCATT),
  • Orange County Auto-Theft Task Force (OCATT),
  • Regional Auto-Theft Task Force – San Diego (RATT),
  • California Highway Patrol – Border Division, Southern Division and Inland Division,
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA),
  • Arizona Regional Auto-Theft Team Law Enforcement Response (RATTLER),
  • Gilbert Police Department
  • Arizona, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms (ATF),
  • Gardena Police Department,
  • Huntington Park Police Department,
  • Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force,
  • Riverside Sheriff’s Departments – SWAT, Lake Elsinore SET, Perris SET, and Special Investigations Bureau,
  • Riverside Police Department,
  • Beaumont Police Department,
  • Riverside County District Attorney’s Office,
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations,
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau,
  • California Department of Insurance,
  • Cathedral City Police Department,
  • and Murrieta Police Department.

RAID’s primary mission is to investigate, arrest and prosecute criminals responsible for auto-theft. Auto-theft suspects are frequently involved in additional criminal behavior to include weapons possession, narcotics trafficking, and other violent crimes which impact the community.

The RAID task force is committed to aggressively investigating all crimes associated with auto-theft.

Retail Sale Checklist

SACRAMENTO – The Retail Sale of a Vehicle to the Public has become a complicated compliance puzzle for California Car Dealers. We have assembled the following Compliance Checklist to assist dealers & salespersons to get it right every time.
When preparing a car for sale, prior to offering the vehicle for sale to the public make sure you have the following documents completed & ready for presentation to the buyer:

Federal Buyers Guide

NMVTIS Vehicle History Report

Division 12 Safety Inspection by a Licensed Mechanic

Smog Inspection & Certificate less than Two ( 2 ) Years Old

Safety Recall Disclosure

Prop 65 Sticker & Disclosure

Song Beverly As – Is Sticker & Disclosure

Prior Vehicle History Disclosure

When showing the vehicle to a potential customer make sure you collect a current drivers license & insurance card and prepare a letter of permission for the test drive. This small step places the buyers insurance in primary position in the event of an insurance claim.
When the potential customer shows interest in the vehicle and you are going to complete the sale make sure you prepare and present the following additional documents.

Authorization to Run Credit

Contract Cancellation Option

Pre-Contract Disclosure

Spanish Copy Offer

Translation Document Offer

Conditional Sales Contract

Reg262 Bill of Sale with Power of Attorney

Electronically Generated Report of Sale

Temporary Plates Front & Rear of Vehicle

Original Title with Wet Signature Odometer Statement

Lienholder Demand Letter

Sales Tax Rate Verification

Remember the following limits on fees:

Contract Option & Restocking is price based.

Fee totals vary from 175. to 500. Max.

Document Preparation Fees Max of $ 70. + tax

( if BPA may increase to Max of $ 85. + tax )

Smog Inspection Fee Max of $ 50. + tax

Smog Certificate Fee Max of $ 8.25

Transfer Fee $ 15.

License Plate Fee $ 22.

Estimated Registration Fee requires a refund if overcollected.

Electronic Processing ( BPA Only ) up to $ 30.

Delivery Fees are only allowed after the sale.

Used Vehicle Dealer Preparation Fees are prohibited.

Bank Origination Fees are prohibited.


Email us at

if you wish a free copy of the TriStar Motors

Contract Preparation Spreadsheet

Dealer Education Bond Agents 2022

Retail Used Car Dealer License requires a $ 50K bond.

Auto Broker Endorsement requires a $ 50K bond.

Wholesale Dealer ( 25+ ) requires a $ 50K bond.

DMV Registration Agent requires a $ 25K bond.

Wholesale Dealer ( <25 ) requires a $ 10K bond.

Motorcycle Retail Dealer requires a $ 10K bond.

DMV VIN Agent requires a $ 5k bond.


Bond Activation requires a credit check.

All Dealer Owners must be listed on the bond.

Every Bond must match Ownership Structure.


DMV Certified Dealer Bond Agents

Sony Duong – Unipoint – 714-677-0843

Mike Ramos – Cal-Surety – 714-797-5780

Reza Sarkhosh – Sarkhosh Insurance – 559-243-9000







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DMV requires you to take a

pre license education class to obtain

your used car dealer license from the DMV.

The list of DMV Providers is long & diverse.



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DMV Title Stamp for Export Only

AB 2996, as introduced, Eduardo Garcia.

Vehicle registration: certificates of title.

Existing law makes findings and declarations that when vehicles are exported and their title records are not amended to reflect exportation, it is conducive to vehicle theft and insurance fraud.

Existing law requires an owner of a vehicle titled in California who seeks to export the vehicle to appear at the Department of Motor Vehicles with the certificate of title to ascertain whether there are any liens of record outstanding and whether the person exporting the vehicle is the lawful owner.

This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to automobiles designated for export.

REAL Dealers Teaching Dealers

We Support Export Vehicle Title Stamping

AB 2996


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